BOJANED3My name is Bojan Dulabic, I’m an actor/filmmaker and owner of Dulabic Studio,  a multimedia company specializing in graphic & web design, corporate & promotional videos and film production.

Filmmaking Today is as the title implies about today’s filmmaking. I will share my knowledge and isights about making movies with a low to no budget and talk about the various tools and techniques I already use in my day to day projects and new and upcoming gear that helps today’s filmmaker.

I will talk about the tricks and techniques I used on my feature films Living Life or Waiting to Die that I made for $4000 in my own living room and Project:Eugenics, a zombie feature film that I made for $5000.

My goal is to empower others to start telling their stories with whatever tools they have available because that is what separates today’s filmmaker from the past.

Please feel free to join the conversation by posting questions and comments and always feel free to email me with questions.


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