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Adding USB 3.0 to an Old Mac Pro in 2018

Do you want to add USB 3.0 to an old 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 or 2012 Mac Pro? It’s never been easier. I’ll show you how in this video. ————— BUY PRODUCT ————— Amazon US (Affiliate Link): Amazon Canada (Affiliate Link):

Resilio Sync Review

  In this video I want to address a problem that many of us have, which is working with huge files on devices with small drives. Resilio Sync provides a solid solution for this problem. It allows you to create your own cloud service and share whatever files you need with your mobile device, whether …

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Is the Surface Pro 4 still worth it?

I’ts been now a year since I’ve had the Surface Pro 4. I figured, since the Surface Pro 5 is just around the corner, it’s time to see if it’s still worth getting this one or wait until the next model comes out. In this video I will revisit my original review and talk about …

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Surface Pro 4 – Accessories

In this video I am doing a review on several accessories for the Surface Pro 4. Accessories include: Keyboard HDD Mouse SD Card Reader Port Adapter Micro SD Card

Surface Pro 4 Review

I have been using the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet for the past 4 months as a replacement for my Macbook Air. I use it for productivity, video editing, graphic and web design and 3D animation. In this video I’ll do a full review of the device and talk about who this device is for, …

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3D Animation Samples

I recently started to really get into 3D animation and sculpting characters and objects as an added element to my filmmaking. As indie filmmakers we have to have a big tool box of skills to be able to create amazing stories. On my last feature Project:Eugenics, I really forced myself to work with 3D models. …

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Project Eugenics – VFX

Hello Everyone To continue with our VFX series, in this post I have included a sample from a Filmmaking Today episode, only available as part of the Project:Eugenics – Filmmaking Edition, which you can download at for $14.99. Also, check out this awesome review video below that Project:Eugenics received by Dark Apostle’s Bewitching Hour …

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In this post I want to talk about VFX and how I used it on my zombie flick Project:Eugenics, which is now available for sale or rent. If you know your way around After Effects and Photoshop and would like to add more production value to your film, you should check out They have an …

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How to Do a Proper Green Screen Setup

In this video I’ll show you how I did my green screen setup for my feature film Project: Eugenics. You will need the following: Three Lights Green Screen Backdrop A 10′ by 20′ Room

Adding a Windows Graphics Card to an Old Mac Pro

If you own an old Mac Pro and need more power out of it, for After Effects, Motion or any other app that uses the GPU, you should consider upgrading its graphics card. Unfortunately, Apple-based graphics cards are usually twice as expensive than Windows-based ones. In some cases even more. Thing is, you are not …

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Working With 4K Footage

If you are about to start editing 4K footage and you’re worried because you think you might have to upgrade your entire system and spend thousands of dollars, don’t be. I recently started editing a feature film for another director and everything was shot in 4K and some in 5K. I’m still rocking my Mac …

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Adding USB 3.0 To an Old Mac Pro

If you have an older Mac Pro and you don’t want to upgrade but you would love to have USB 3.0 on it, to take advantage of the speed, you are in luck. For less than $30 you can get a USB 3.0 card that will significantly increase the speed from the current USB 2.0. Check out …

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How to Write, Shoot & Edit a Film in 24 Hours

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to write, shoot and edit a film in 24 hours, the answer is YES! This past weekend (May 30th – 31st) I took part in the 24 Hour Film Race. It’s a competition where you have 24 hours to do exactly that, write an original script, with a …

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How to Create a Holographic Computer

So you’re planning to make a feature film and need some computers for a scene but you don’t have the budget for the props? Or you want to give your film a futuristic look? No worries there is an alternative and cheap solution which looks pretty cool. Holographic Projection Save time and money during shooting and …

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DIY Digital Monster Make-Up

If you are planing a horror feature film that requires prosthetics or monster make-up but you don’t have a budget for a make-up artist, don’t sweat it, you can do it yourself. DIY Monster Make-Up I’m in very early stages on my next feature film, Project: Eugenics, a horror film that will have monster make-up and …

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