Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

If you are like me and have an iPad you probably have a love-hate relationship with the on-screen keyboard. I’ve been using my iPad for almost 2 years now and generally speaking I didn’t have any problem with the on-screen keyboard. I always thought it’s great not having to have to drag around another addon with the iPad. Besides, what’s the point of having an external keyboard? At that point you might as well get a Notebook or Laptop. However, as I tend to write more and more I realized that having an actual keyboard will speed things up. I didn’t want to spend the money to get the Apple Bluetooth keyboard so I figured as long as I get a Bluetooth keyboard it should work and it does. So, I got the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard 6000.


I know it’s ironic to use a Microsoft Keyboard on an Apple device but from my experience Microsoft makes the best keyboards. I’ve been using a wireless Microsoft keyboard for my Power Mac for a while and I love it. The Bluetooth Keyboard 6000 is very responsive, small and it works great. It also allows you to adjust the volume.


The only advantage that the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard has over third party ones is that it has a few more buttons that allow you to control the iPad such as a Home button but considering that I spent $50 on this one as oppose to $80 on Apple’s makes it worth it. And besides, it just looks cool.


All in all, I definitely recommend to anyone who uses word processing apps on their iPad to get an external keyboard. While the on-screen keyboard is great it cannot match an actual one in terms of speed and comfortability and you don’t have to get Apple’s. There are plenty of alternatives out there and yes, I am using my new keyboard for this post.

Extend Your iPhone Battery By 150%

I just bought the Mophie Juice Pack Air for my iPhone. It’s a case with a built-in battery that extends your battery life by an additional 150%.


It breaks down into two parts; the upper part, which is a lightweight case and the lower part; which is the battery.


The battery part can be charged with a USB cable that comes with it.


The cable simply plugs into a standard mini USB port and allows you to charge the phone itself and the additional battery.


The battery has also four LED lights that indicate how much charge is left in the external battery and you have an on/off switch that allows you turn on the battery when you want it to charge your phone.



I’ve only had this for less than 24 hours but I already love it. It’s very lightweight but yet the case is sturdy enough to protect your phone.

The only downside is that it covers the iPhone’s 16 pin connector. However, since the USB cable that comes with it charges both the phone and the external battery it doesn’t really matter.

You can get the case at any Apple Store for $79.99 and it does come in different colours such as black, white and red.

I am definitely recommending this to anyone who uses their iPhone a lot and is tired of always having to charge it. For more info visit Mophie’s webiste at and check out their video below.

Time Laps Photography

I just got my Aputure Timer Remote Cord that I ordered for Time Lapse Photography.

The device enables me to program my Canon T3i to take a picture at a certain interval. For example, every 30 seconds or every minute, whatever you set it to. So you place your camera on a tripod and make sure it doesn’t move. Then you leave it there for let’s say 6 hours and you end up with anywhere between 300-500 images. So you take those images and then create a Time Lapse sequence. I use Adobe After Effects for it.

Some of the favorite things people like to shoot for Time Lapse sequences are pictures of the sky as it’s going from day to night or vice verse or pictures of city traffic. I will be using this for my upcoming movie and also for my videos for the intros and the transitions but the sky is the limit…no pun intended…ok maybe a little bit.

I did a few tests and I gotta say I love it. Considering I got it for only $17 and shipping was free, not bad at all. It did take over a month to get to me but I wasn’t in a hurry.

Below you can see two videos I created.

iOS 5.1 Update

Apple has released an update for their iOS devices. It’s a minor update which for the most part fixes bugs.

One main improvement is the camera in lock mode. Before 5.1 you had to double click the home button to get the camera icon so that you can take a photo without tying in your lock pass code. While that was a significant improvement from before where you had to type in the pass code and then launch the camera app which took a long time now it takes just a couple of seconds or less.

In iOS 5.1 you simple click either the top or home button and you see the camera icon right away. All you have to do is swipe up and the camera app appears.


To get the update for all iOS 5 users simply go to your Settings app and click on General.


Then click on the Software Update tab and you will see a Download And install screen.



The update will take about 15 minutes. Best is to leave the phone or iPad alone and it will reboot when it’s all done.

Also, remember to back up your files before you do this, just in case.

The New iPad

Hi Guys

Well, the new iPad is here and it’s pretty sweet. Instead of me going on about it, check out Apple’s keynote that talks about all the details.

Make Free Calls With Your Cell

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make a phone call with your cell phone and use your 3G data or even better use your wifi at home? At that point your cell phone simply becomes a ‘home phone’.

Yes, you can call with Skype on your phone for free but that means the other person has to sign up for an account and let’s face it a lot of people don’t wanna be bothered.

There is an answer. Download Viber from the app store. It’s a free app that allows you to call other Viber members using your data or wifi and you can text that way too.



Unlike Skype there is no registration needed. Just download it and input your phone number and it will scan your contact list and let you know which of your contacts has the app. Also, if any of your contacts downloads the app in the future Viber will notify you. You can also invite any of your contacts to get the app.

If a contact doesn’t have it you can still call them from within the app using your voice package. In a nutshell you can pretty much replace your Phone app on your phone with Viber.

Viber works with iPhones and Android phones.

For more info visit

Watch Cable for Free Legally with Boxee Box Live TV

So my Boxee Live TV dongle finally arrived. For more info about the Boxee Box read my earlier post HERE and watch the video about it. In short it’s a box that enables you to watch Tv Shows using the Internet and watch YouTube and various other apps like Netflix etc. Boxee released a USB dongle called Boxee Live TV that you plug into the box and with it comes an HD antenna which allows you to watch live tv.


So I hooked it up to my box and I am able to watch about 6 channels; CBC, Global, CTV, CTV 2, ME TV and The Cool TV (music channel). For the most part it works, sometimes Global TV and CTV 2 are on and off due to weak signals.

However, I got this mostly so that I can watch live news as I have everything else on the Internet using the other Boxee features and the apps and for that it works great.

The quality is amazing. The antenna that comes with it is an HD antenna and the best HD cable subscription won’t look better, did I mention this is all free ($55 for the USB dongle and antenna and that’s it).




Now, let’s get to the negative. The problem I have at my place is that I have to keep the antenna right next to my window to get the signal. If I keep it right next to my tv as I planned I’m not able to get any signal. As you can see below having the cable go from my tv to my window and having to have my curtains always up so there is no signal interference can be a pain but it is free and quality is amazing.



The number of available channels will depend on your location. At my parents’ place (about 10 km away from my place) I can get 7 channels without any problem. Their elevation is higher than where I live so that does play a role. I did some research online and in BC Lower Mainland all the over-the-air signals come from Mount Seymour so if you are close to it you should have a strong signal. I live further east so that doesn’t help.

Now, all in all I’m still glad I got it and I will be using it more often now. When I’m not watching live tv, which is most of the time anyway, I’ll just move the antenna behind my TV and when I need it I’ll put it next to my window. I will look into maybe getting a stronger HD antenna. With the USB dongle you can hook up any HD antenna, it doesn’t have to be the one that comes from Boxee.

Marija’s Decorations – Promo Video

I recently did a promo video for my mom. She loves to decorate and wanted to show it to everyone.

Promo Video

I shot this interview / promo video for my buddy Chris Griffin who is an Indy filmmaker. I shot it on my Canon T3i and he did the editing. This video is for his IndyGoGo page. He’s raising money to submit his 2 short films to film festivals.

You can check out his IndieGoGo page here:

Devil’s Night Teaser

Here is a teaser I edited for XYZed Films. It’s a teaser for an upcoming movie that I’m also editing called Devil’s Night. The full trailer is coming out soon. The movie deals with domestic terrorism.

Also, check out their IndyGoGo page:

Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 Tutorial

Below is a great 2 hour tutorial from Pixel Corps which deals with all the new features Apple has released in Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3. A must-see video for all Final Cut users.

Follow Focus Test – Canon T3i – 50mm f1.4 Prime

I just got my Follow Focus today so I did a test video with it. I’m using my Canon T3i with my 50mm f/1.4 prime lens and my shoulder support with the Follow Focus. I went handheld for all the shots. I didn’t apply any effects except for the 2.35 aspect ratio to give it a more cinematic look. I didn’t use any additional lights just what was available. I like the Follow Focus very much. It feels great and using it allows me to adjust the focus much quicker than by touching the lens. I can put it on either left or right side. I keep it on the right side as I have the LCD monitor on the left side. I’m very impressed with it and it will come in handy for my up coming feature film and my other video projects.

Watch TV Shows for Free Legally with Boxee Box

In an earlier post I talked about Boxee’s Live TV addon. Well, I figured I should explain in more detail what the Boxee box is. It’s a little box you hook up to your TV with HDMI. It also has to be hooked up to your internet, either with wifi or with ethernet cable. Then the box allows you to watch TV shows from most Canadian network sites on your TV. It doesn’t work outside of your country due to copyright laws. But for us in Canada, if you have the main networks (CBC, Gobal, CTV etc.) you pretty much have most of the content from the US. So, the box costs $190 and that’s it, no more fees. You do get ads when you watch TV shows but it’s usually 1-2 ads per ad break and considering it’s free, that’s not bad at all. I’ve been using the Boxee box for over a year and it with Netflix is my cable. By the way, you have over 200 apps on it too and Netflix is one of them, which costs $8 a month (for Netflix). Most apps are free. You can get the Boxee box at Best Buy or Future Shop and a lot of other stores. Or you can check out their site at

Here’s a video from the Boxee team that shows you how to set it up.

Pulp Fiction In 60 Seconds

I participated in Virgin Radio’s Fake Filmfest 2012 as an actor and editor. We re-created the movie Pulp Fiction in 60 seconds. I just finished editing it together. We also used original music by another participant. Please feel free to pass the video on friends and family as we need as many views and likes by Feb. 8th. Please click on the link below to view the video:

Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 Update

Alright, the day many of has have been waiting for has finally arrived. Apple’s 10.0.3 update to its Final Cut Pro X app was released yesterday. I, like many of you was initially very disappointed with the very stripped down version of Final Cut Pro X. I used Final Cut in the past and the past 2 years I’ve been using Premiere Pro and when I heard that a new version of Final Cut was being released I was very excited because my biggest problem with Premiere Pro CS4 is that it’s not 64 bit compatible. And I will not spend over $1000 to get CS5, not happening Adobe. So needless to say, I got Final Cut after they released the first update a few months ago. I’ve been using it for a few projects and I gotta say, the things it does, it does really well but of course there’s a lot it doesn’t do. So now with the latest update Apple gave us Multicam Support, PSD import, advanced chroma keying, XML 1.1, and broadcast monitoring. For more details visit Apple’s Site.

Also, another very important thing for Final Cut 7 users is that there is now a third party app that allows you to import Final Cut 7 files into Final Cut X. The app is called 7toX For Final Cut Pro and it costs $9.99 on the app store.

Here are two videos apple released that talk about Multicam support. I might soon do a test video with some of the features.


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