Project:Eugenics – Zombie Feature Film

Project:Eugenics is my second feature film that I made for $5000 and shot it in 10 days. It was shot in the fall of 2015.

Over night the world turned into chaos. No one knows what happened. Humans are turning into mindless monsters, driven by their most primitive desires. The truth leads to Project: Eugenics.


Bojan Dulabic

Najwan Stephan-Tozy

Executive Producer
Bojan Dulabic

Director of Photography
Bojan Dulabic

Bojan Dulabic

Sound Recordists
Mike Young
Adam Doquiatan
Elmir Valley

Onset Photographers
Elmir Valley
Babak Haleky
Mike Simundic

Martin Dulabic

Makeup / Prosthetics
Deb Graf

Dave Chick

Sean Harris Oliver
Braye Dial
Vivian Davidson
Frank Bailey
Chris Gerard
Thomas Nicholson
Lee Shorten
Darren Andrichuk
Logan Tarasoff
Kevin Eisler
Jon MacIntyre
Nisreen Slim
Georgie Daburas
Tabita Kore
Sarah Roa
Mike Young
Mike Simundic
Zlatko Stipic
Kylee Dawson

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